Watching the Videos

Through out the course you will watch many videos. Notice the controls at the bottom of the movie screen. You can:

Pause the Movie

Click the pause button. Click it again to resume playing.

Rewind the Movie

Move the scrubber to the left to rewind the movie to a specific point.

Adjust the Volume

Move the volume control on the volume bar to the left to lower the
volume of the movie.

Mute the Audio

Mute the audio By clicking the mute button.
Click again to restore the audio.

Video Instructions

Tracking your progress

Sorry we are not tracking your progress though this course and you will not have the functions to continue where you left off after exting the course.

Viewing PDFs

Can I use a version of Acrobat older than XI?

If you prefer to run an older version of Acrobat software, there may be some issues:
Form functions may not work properly.
You may not be able to save changes to your form.

Where do I get the Reader software?

If you do not have Adobe Reader installed or have an older version of the software, we recommend you install the latest version of Reader from the Adobe Reader download page at Adobe's website. From this page, you can download Reader for Macintosh, Windows, Linux, and several types of UNIX operating systems. You do NOT need to install the Google Chrome Toolbar or Google Chrome Browser from this page, although it is your option to do so.

Once you have installed Adobe Reader XI, use its automatic update feature to install the latest updates over the Internet. If Reader does not download updates the first time it is run, connect to the Internet and select "Help > Check for updates now" from the menubar within Reader.

Can I use Acrobat Standard or Professional?

You may use either Acrobat Standard or Professional, recommended version XI or newer.

Where do I get additional Acrobat or Adobe Reader support?

Find support, service, and troubleshooting resources at Adobe's support web page.

System Requirements

Adobe Flash Player is required to view some content in this program.

Download Adobe Reader software from Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Computer must have Javascript turned on.